Integrated Disaster Communication Consortium

Helping Nepal communicate before and during disasters

The Integrated Disaster Communication Consortium (IDCC) is a voluntary discussion forum comprising of institutions, government bodies, and expert individuals both inside and outside of Nepal who share an acute interest in disaster communication issues in Nepal.

The goals of the IDCC are:
1. Provide a responsible forum for the sharing of ideas, announcements, developments, best practices, and technologies broadly related to disaster communications in Nepal.
2. Establish an active incident communication link between key institutions both inside and outside of Nepal immediately following a massive disaster.

IDCC members can reach one another instantly by sending an email to the IDCC mailing list Membership to the IDCC is reasonably screened to ensure that only responsible professionals participate and that this discussion space remains focused, courteous and professional. All IDCC members are encouraged to share updates and perspectives regarding disaster communication issues in Nepal via the IDCC mailing list. All contributions to the IDCC discussion group are those of the individual members themselves. Neither the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) nor the GNPN are responsible for the ideas expressed in IDCC discussions. CAN hosts physical meetings of the IDCC in Nepal.

GNPN moderates the IDCC discussion space.
If you would like to remove yourself from the IDCC mailing list please contact the IDCC administrator at:

The IDCC contains members having affiliation with institutions vital for disaster communication and disaster response in Nepal. The IDCC is the only established means by which all of these institutions can reach each other collectively during an active disaster incident. Some of these institutions include:

Inside Nepal:
Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA)
Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC)
Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)
United Nations World Food Program Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC)
USAID Disaster Risk Reduction Office
Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)
Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering (IOE)
Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN)
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Federation
Nepal Army
Nepal Police
Nepal Armed Police

Outside of Nepal:
Global Nepali Professional Network (GNPN)
America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF)
Cisco Systems Tactical Operations team (TACOPS)
Global VSAT Forum (GVF)
United States Department of State, Office of American Citizens Services
Carnegie-Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus
Wireless Communications Alliance
Leading members of Nepal’s Diaspora in the United States
Leading Disaster Communications Experts from the United States
Stanford University School of Medicine
Association of Nepalese in America (ANA)
Non Resident Nepalis (NRN)

Thank you,

Administrator, IDCC

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