Disaster Preparedness Initiative

Is in forefront of GNPN. Since our inception in 2007, we have been preparing for then expected 8.0 earthquakes (now a reality), which would devastate the Kathmandu valley, and Nepal. GNPN has been highlighting the dangers of the impact an earthquake of this magnitude will create. In July of 2008 the follow paper was presented in the first GNPN (Formally CAN-USA) Technology Conference (2008 Disaster Communication Paper). Read the article “When the Quake Hits Kathmandu”, an interview article with Dr. David CALLAWAY M.D. Co-Founder, The Operational Medicine Institute (OMI) At Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians.

With CAN-USA’s collaborative leadership, a joint initiative has been launched by three US professional organizations: America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF), American Society of Nepalese Engineers ASNEngr) and (GNPN) to help Nepal prepare for this event, and has gathered support of 4 national and 12 local Diaspora organizations along with many international organizations like Nepal’s Embassy in USA, IOE.

Earthquake Joint Position Paper

Read CAN-USA presentation to USAID and US Ambassador. Read about how the communication infrastructure donated to Nepal by CAN-USA was used during the earthquakes (Communication During an Earthquake).

To further Disaster Preparedness in Nepal, CAN-USA has initiated and been actively engaged in the following initiatives.