Global Nepali Professional Network (GNPN)

GNPN is an American organization dedicated to the professional development of its members and technological progress of Nepal. It is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with members throughout the United States. The organization continues to utilize the creativity and talent of its members and the broader American community to develop technology-rich solutions that address some of Nepal's challenges.

Our History

Established in July 29th, 2007  at University of California Berkeley (UC-Berkeley), CAN-USA has been a pure play of Nepali professional organization in USA for past 9 years now.
Now we are in the process of transitioning CAN-USA to Global Nepali Professional Network (GNPN) with some pending legal tasks.



Identify opportunities to confront challenges in communities we serve and provide a platform for its members to come together and tackle those challenges through technology-rich solutions.


Promote career mentorship, knowledge sharing and educational initiatives.


Cultivate and leverage ecosystems of entrepreneurship with the goal of advancing professional and personal aspirations of its members.


Provide an effective and vibrant platform for its members to further professional networking.


Collaborate with like-minded organizations in supporting causes of coimmon interests through seminars, conferences and projects.