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About the Event

Investment 101- In this session, Roshani will start by providing a framework on investing and personal finance. After that, she will talk about more practical aspects of investing such as how to create your own investment portfolio and/or hire an outside advisor. Whether you have never invested before or are doing some investing on your own, this session will help you get started or help improve your investments.

This event is being held at two different times. Join us for either date:

June 3rd at 6 pm PT via Zoom. Register Now.

June 5th at 9 am PT via Zoom. Register Now.

About the Speaker

Roshani is a financial advisor at True Root Financial, where she works with individuals and families to help them invest and grow their net worth. She started working in Wall Street 16 yrs ago and has since advised ultra-high-net-worth families and institutions worth billions of dollars on their investments. She has worked at large firms such as Goldman Sachs and BlackRock and also at small, boutique firms. For more information about Roshani, please visit her on LinkedIn.